Learn how our SHOCK
program has reduced
hospital mortality


Improving Performance

Facilitating improved outcomes of existing Surveillance and Response Systems (SARS) also known as Medical Emergency Team (MET), Rapid Response Team (RRT) or Rapid Response System (RRS), by Kritikus programs.

Focusing on Early Event Detection

Early detection of at-risk patients by the bedside nurse is the most important function of the afferent arm of your surveillance and response system (SARS).

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Learn why respiratory
rate is a challenging
but important vital sign


Accurate Measurements

Working to increase the awareness, acceptance and subsequent compliance in obtaining, understanding and appropriately acting on measurement of vital signs, especially respiratory rate

Reducing Failure to Rescue Events

Initiate discussion with Medical and Nursing professional societies regarding synergies between their goals and that of other organizations that are reducing in-hospital failure to rescue events.

Funding and Sponsors

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